Internet dating with foreign girls is now a free choice for every person. Each country is unique, and sometimes a girl from a faraway country may be a better wife for you than a girl from the United States.

Croatian girls are pretty, attractive, homely and educated. For American single men meeting Croatians is a chance for a happy marriage and a warm relationship with the opposite sex.

Not only American men love Croatian brides for marriage, but also American girls love American men. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other.

Advantages of Beautiful Croatian Women

GalinaCroatian women are pretty, tall and sociable. They are hard-working, love home comfort and family values. Many of them know English well enough to maintain any pleasant conversation with a foreigner.

Girls in Croatia love nature and pets, and will always be happy to farm in a country house. They are faithful friends with a strong stress-resistant temperament.

In terms of appearance, Croatian women have a lean body type, that is, they are much less prone to be overweight than girls from America and many European countries. In fact, Croatia is one of the twenty countries with the tallest and slendest women in the world. This advantage in physiology allows them to often reach the finals of many international beauty contests.

The religious preferences of Croats are traditionally Catholic, which certainly brings them closer to Western civilization. Catholic Christmas in Croatia, like in the United States, is the most important holiday of the year and is traditionally celebrated at home with food prepared for the celebration. Croats respect the traditions of other peoples, so they do not experience problems in communicating with Americans.

Girls in Croatia are mostly very athletic. Sports there are developed at a very high level. Many girls from childhood go to school competitions and attend sports sections.

An important positive quality of Croatian women is respect for men of older generations. In general, they follow a more traditional relationship model.

And finally, which is important, in Croatia woman would be friendly and responsive to foreigners, especially to men from America.

Disadvantages of Croatian Girls

  1. From times to times Croatian girls can seem uneducated. Provincial habits do not allow them to get rid of some complexes and prejudices. At the same time, some of them harbor illusions about life in America, often imagining a picture of an ideal world.
  2. Croatia is also one of the most smoking countries, so many girls have bad habits.
  3. And one more thing, which is more of a difficulty than a disadvantage. The population of Croatia is not as large as compared to other European countries, from where men often bring brides (Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and so on). So finding good Croatian women for dating can be more difficult due to the lack of women.

Why American Men Like Hot Croatian Women

They are not mercantile

Local girls are not prone to excessive commercialism in relationships. They will not beg for expensive gifts or money for everyday expenses. More often than not, they do not enter into marriage contracts for the division of jointly acquired property. Girls prefer financial independence and are able to contribute to the family budget.

They are good housekeepers

Croatian women love to cook and pamper their lovers with different delicacies. They know how to cook Italian cuisine, due to the influence of Romanesque culture. Life by the sea taught them to understand seafood. Fish and crab dishes are a signature delicacy for many housewives.

Love to freedom

Americans have a cult of freedom, the more pleasant it is for them to communicate with the proud and freedom-loving people. Croatian women are very proud of their liberal values. In this they are very similar to the Americans.

Why Does Croatian Woman Become a Mail Order Bride?

Most often, girls just dream of living in America with American men. They really love Western culture and want to be a part of it. There are options where the marriage is for a specific purpose for the bride or groom, but such cases are rare.

Sometimes American man would like to arrange a temporary marriage with a Croatian bride in order to conceive a child. After which the arranged marriage breaks up, and the born child with US citizenship remains to live in the father’s homeland. Such marriages are uncommon now, because wives don’t think that sum of money is worth it.

Croatian mail order brides may wait for a green card and divorce her husband for further independent life in America. Both options are possible, but unpleasant.

At the same time, it is important to understand that governments do not welcome such short-term marriages, because after a divorce, each of the parties has all sorts of claims, which brings costs to the states and does not increase their reputation.

5 Tips to Date with Hot Croatian Woman

AlexandraMeet the inhabitants of small suburbs and suburbs.

They are more likely to move permanently to the United States of America.

Many provincial girls and women in Croatia would dream of leaving for a major American city and staying there. Brought up on Hollywood masterpieces, they are confident that life in the United States is much more comfortable, interesting and richer.

Learn a few words and phrases in Croatian.

Any local girl will like this, as in Croatia there is a cult of the native language. It would also be nice of you to learn some folk songs and explore some Croatian culture. Of course, you don’t have to do this right away. You can get to know the culture while chatting with your beauty.

Ask a girl about her family.

This will help you find out what kind of family standard she would prefer in the future. Since the character and values ​​of a person largely depend on the family, it is very important to know exactly how the girl’s father built his relationship with her mother. In order to avoid problems in the house, learn about the values ​​of her family after some time of communication.

Find out what your girlfriend’s education is.

People from this country dream of getting an education at a prestigious American university. Find out if the girl has a diploma and plans to study further. It is important to know in advance about each other’s expectations. Not every man is ready to pay for expensive education.

Find out if the Croatian girl has been abroad.

It is not a problem for Croatian citizens to come to the United States, but it is still not a visa-free country. Many local beauties have never traveled outside their homeland, so you need to take care in advance that she has important documents in order to obtain a visa to the United States and receive a green card in the future.

How to Marry a Croatian Woman?

First, it is important for you to understand what type of marriage is acceptable to you. It is best if you are truly looking for love and long-term relationships. This will make it easier for you to communicate with the girl, and it will be easier to draw up documents for the marriage.

KaterinaAfter you have decided what is comfortable for you now, you carry out the casting of applicants. It is advisable to make sure that this is not scammers and not a married girl who is looking for ways to earn extra money on a generous boyfriend.

Having found a Croatian girl to your liking, do not rush to promise her to marry immediately, you first need to understand what kind of person she is, to define her human qualities. It is important that there are more positive qualities than negative ones, because a priori there are no ideal people. Many girls have flaws that are not visible when first communicating with her.

The best way to marry a foreign bride is to move her to the United States of America and get married there, according to the laws of the local state. It is unlikely that you yourself will want to move to a Southern European country without knowing the language. If the bride’s family wants to have a wedding in Croatia, you can complete the paperwork at the US Embassy in Zagreb.

To do this, you will need an extract of some documents stating that you do not have a parallel marriage in the United States, an American passport and your own desire to marry a Croatian girl or woman. A girl is required to have an American Bide Visa (K-1).

Most often, this requires a paid or free consultation with American law firms that practice international law. They will advise you on how best to deal with different situations. It is also important for a girl to consult with lawyers in order to understand all the difficulties and consequences of an international marriage.

In this case, it’s not time to rush. It is always important to check the strength of your feelings and emotional compatibility. American and Croatian law allow international marriages, countries have a number of treaties regulating this event.

The best way to strengthen your marriage is the loyalty of the girl and the material security of the newlyweds. Moving Eastern beauties to the United States is formalized by obtaining a residence permit in the United States and applying for American citizenship.

A spouse with an American visa does not have any problems when married to a US citizen. The so-called K1 visa will allow the future spouse to leave for the United States and quickly receive an American green card several years after the wedding.

Be prepared for the fact that American law is scrupulous about fake marriages, there have been cases of deportation and fines.

In order to successfully marry a Croatian girl, try not to be mistaken when choosing your future wife. Be ready to make sure that Croatian wives have something to do during the first months in America, because without acquaintances and work in a foreign country, she may become bored.

It is highly recommended that you introduce your Croatian wife to your American relatives in order to establish emotional contact with them.

Then your future strong family will not have any problems, you will be able to raise children together, manage a business and a household, be exemplary taxpayers and love each other.

To Sum Up

OlgaWhat conclusion can be drawn if an American wants to marry a Croatian. True love has no borders, and more and more international marriages are growing. This is already a global trend that is popular with many young people from different countries.

The level of knowledge of English is also growing in countries where it was previously low. This makes it easy to meet a girl from another country and start chatting with her.

American men already have the opportunity to come to Croatia and meet wonderful Croatian girls without spending much effort in obtaining a Croatian visa. In addition, acquaintances will be even faster through a Croatian dating site for foreigners. Look through the profiles of real people who also want to find love and a serious relationship.

Modern online services allow you to see, chat and charm the girl you like. Likewise, the girl will be able to show how beautiful, charming and cheerful she is.

The conclusion is unambiguous, American men should not be afraid to meet online, because, perhaps, it is in Croatia that the love of your life awaits you. All contacts are completely voluntary and you will not meet online those who do not want to meet. On the best online dating site only those Croatian girlfriends who are inclined to flirt and meet online.

Therefore, go ahead in search of amazing adventures and new positive emotions.

Females are waiting for you right now. Making women wait is not gentlemanly, so you are welcome.