Have you ever met Ukrainian women? You can come across these fairy ladies all over the world. However, not all Ukrainians are the same. Born in the different corners of the picturesque country, they have some distinguishing characteristics. Girls from Odesa have a peculiar sense of humor; women from Kyiv always know what they want; ladies from Poltava follow traditions… And what about Lviv beauties? Well, they’re definitely worth some presentation! This article is aimed to tell you about one of the most intelligent, tasteful, and hot women if Ukraine – Lviv girls.

Is it Possible to Date with Lviv Woman?

From many resources, you may have heard that Slavic women are the most beautiful creatures in the world. Is it true? Well, everything about beauty is subjective, but if you like blonds with deep blue eyes and even deeper soul you’ve come to the right country.
So, it’s not only possible to meet a single lady in Lviv, but it’s also possible to get romance with local girls. The majority of them are looking forward to long-term relationships. However, as you sometimes girls likewise want a one-night adventure with a foreigner. Basically – no rules. You want something to ask for it. For girls in Lviv honesty is the most valuable thing. That’s why don’t try to purchase her desire. Be yourself and she will be charmed.

Main Characteristics for Lviv Women

As was said earlier Ukrainian women are beautiful in every one of its cities. Lviv beauties are thin and stately beauties. They take great care of themselves. Plus the never allow appearing outside without hairdo or at least “no-makeup” makeup. They always look fresh as well as expect men to be so.
Good manners
They will always be polite and never allow themselves to swear in public. They were trained to behave like a lady with perfect posture. “Please”, “Thank you”, “Sorry” – they use these words 100 times a day and never hesitate to politely repeat their request.
Most of Lviv beauties have higher education. They are accustomed to going to the theater or the opera, and they often set aside one day off for this. You will often see a girl in Lviv with a cup of Lviv strong coffee and a book. They love poetry and classic novels. However, it is at this moment that you can take advantage of her loneliness and flirt.
Don’t think that women of Lviv are dull. They are amusing and love to have fun. Festivals and nightclubs are always full of Ukrainian ladies.
As any Ukrainian girl, they have a desire to change this world an become the best version of herself. They like to work and build their career. However, all of them still dream about true love. And what is more important they know how to combine it with their business.

Best Places to Meet Girls in Lviv

Below you’ll find some ideas on how to spend an amazing evening or breathtaking day with your Lviv girlfriend.

Bars and Night Clubs

De Luxe night club
This place was created for relaxation with friends in the evening or on weekends. Here you can visit a luxury restaurant or wiggle all night on the dance floor.
Casanova Restaurant
Casanova Restaurant in Lviv is an exquisite interior with many interesting details that will immediately transport you to the unique world of romanticism and comfort. The romantic atmosphere is enhanced by lighted candles, live instrumental music, and daily erotic shows that will not leave indifferent any visitor.
Malevich: concert arena & night club
One of the largest nightclubs and concert venues in Ukraine – MALEVICH in the center of Lviv just 280 meters from the Opera House. Discos every day! There are 2 spacious halls for loudest parties and concerts, shows, sports, and fashion events.

Restaurants and Cafes

Lviv is famous for its historical places, but Kryivka is the visit card of the city. This place is an unusual pub, with entering a password and real Ukrainian cuisine. It’s hidden in the basement however always hospitable and happy to welcome new guests from all over the world!
Gasova Lampa
The exterior of this restaurant is decorated with dozens of kerosene lamps as well its interior. Here you’ll see 200 units of lamps from different times and with different histories. In fact, this concept was used because in this house the kerosene lamp was invented!
Lviv Coffee Mine (Lvivska Kopalnya Kavy)
Everyday coffee became a tradition for the majority of people in the world. But what do you know about the process of its creation? In Lviv Coffee Mine you’ll find out everything about it.

Beach Clubs

OTAMAN Beach Club
This place was created for active relaxation. Here you can swim in the pool, drink cocktails in the bar or just lie and chill on the sun lounger. After 8 pm every day you can attend tough parties.
It is the largest recreation and entertainment complex in Lviv, located on the territory of the Drevny Grad park-hotel. It is about 15 minutes from the city center. The park-hotel offers comfortable wooden rooms in a country style, delicious breakfasts, an alpine garden, and playgrounds.
Kavalier Beach Club
This is a multifunctional beach complex created in the best European traditions. It is suitable for a relaxing getaway with a company, pool parties with friends, or busy family entertainment. One of the advantages of the complex is its convenient location, not far from the historical part of the city in the green zone.

Art Galleries and Theaters

This gallery in Lviv aimed to present high-quality examples of sacred art, affirm direct contact between art and spirituality. It creates a positive image of contemporary Ukrainian sacred art in the world, invites those who care about the deep world of sacred works.
Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
The Opera House in Lviv is a masterpiece of architectural art and a rare example of the Neo-Renaissance style. Here you can listen to the best productions of operas and ballet. Any woman from Lviv will be happy to be in this great hall once again!
Mariya Zankovetska Theater
The drama theater was built in the 19th century. It is the ancestor of all Lviv theaters. Despite the many theaters in the city this one the most popular, as his productions are very relevant.

Dos and Don’ts While Dating Girl from Lviv

Always be a gentleman! Girls from Lviv are real ladies or “pannochki” as they say there. They will not tolerate a rude attitude towards themselves!Never mix up Lviv girls with ladies from Russia if you want to have a warm relationship with them. Those are two different countries, remember that!
Always be honest with Lviv women. They especially feel when men lie.Do not take these women as geese from the provinces! Lviv is far from being a province, a huge city with educated women.
 Note that Lviv girls are still more committed to traditional values. They prefer it when men pay for them, open the door for them and move the chair back restaurants.Don’t assume that would be able to “buy” a girl from Lviv using various jewelry or clothes. They will marry only men they truly love.


Ask the girls of Lviv about their hometown, they love to talk about the history of this amazing city. You can also ask for a guided tour. They will be happy to show you all the fun!Don’t neglect their independence! Lviv women are strong and self-motivated.


Discuss your future together with them. They love children and are ready for long-term relationships.For girls from Lviv, as well as for other Ukrainian women, family always comes first. Don’t ignore her desire to visit them and spend some time together.


Discuss your future together with them. They love children and are ready for long-term relationships. For girls from Lviv, as well as for other Ukrainian women, family always comes first. Don’t ignore her desire to visit them and spend some time together.

More about Lviv

Cost of Living

Nevertheless, Lviv could be quite expensive for Ukrainians from smaller cities, foreign tourists won’t feel much difference between Lviv and Kyiv (Ukraine’s capital). You’ll spend less than $300 per month to rent a flat (including utilities). The average check in the restaurant varies from $4 to $10. The average taxi bill is around $8. Products are cheap too. For example, a bottle of water is about $ 0.35; a kilo of bananas and oranges is less than $1.50; 10 eggs are about $0.90 and a kilo of chicken is $2.70.


The best time to travel to Lviv is May, June, or September. During these months the weather is mild and rather pleasant. Though the city itself is beautiful at any time of the year. It has a typical Eastern European climate – hot summers and cold and snowy winters. Actually, during the Christmas holidays, Lviv becomes a magic place. Old mansions and trading houses look like they came from the novels of Victor Marie Hugo. Although, recently there has been a warming trend. Winters are becoming more like German or French.
In jest, locals call Lviv a city where it has been raining since 1256. Dress appropriately. A raincoat or a waterproof jacket is mandatory elements of tourist equipment (including for a warm winter). Lviv region boasts the highest rainfall in Ukraine. It rains on average 174 days out of 365, that is, almost every other day. July is the wettest and hottest month.


LiliaLviv is one of the biggest cities in Ukraine and surely there are lots of worth visiting boutiques and shops. You girl from Lviv will be happy if you’ll buy her a present in one of the best city malls (Forum Lviv, Roksolana, Opera Passage, King Cross Leopolis, Victoria Gardens). If you are interested in individual brand stores, then feel free to go to the area of Adam Mickiewicz Square. You won’t be able to bypass this part of Lviv, so you can please yourself and your girlfriend with shopping here. It makes no sense to list all the brands presented – there you’ll probably find all of them. We just advise you to keep in mind that most stores are aimed at customers with upper average income.
If you are attracted by shopping in the historical part of the city, go with your Ukrainian girlfriend to Lviv Handmade Chocolate. Get ready to wait in line: there are hundreds of people willing to try Lviv’s heart! And not in vain. Coffee and chocolate have been the main gastronomic symbols of Galicia for several centuries. You can also visit a small shop called “Stara Scrynia”. Here you can find many options for men’s and women’s clothing with ethnic ornaments. These are great souvenirs that will remind you about your visit to Lviv.

Final Words

Now you know how to meet single Ukrainian girls from Lviv! Though if you don’t want to start searching for a wife or girlfriend in the city, you can check up some online dating sites, get to know Ukrainian ladies better and come to the city of Lion for the first offline date with your Lviv princess!