More than half of American adults have thought about dating online at least once in their lives or have already started one. There are a lot of different ways to meet a foreign bride on the Internet, from ordinary social networks to special services. Men are interested in international dating with girls from countries like Russia.

Everything is due to the fact that these beautiful ladies seem to be completely different, you just want to unravel them. Many guys do not know about all the charms of effective Internet services that will help you to choose the perfect bride and save time. They also do not want to make a mistake and fall for a deception. How about to mailorder Russian bride?

Advantages of Beautiful Russian Women

Of course, each person is different in his own way, but there are some things that distinguish these beautiful ladies from women of other nationalities. Let’s see, which are true and which are stereotypes.

  1. Their wish is always to look good and feminine.Margarita In America most women are for free and comfortable clothes, and for girls from Russia, the opposite is true. These ladies are ready to harm even themselves, but have the most beautiful figure, skin and hair. In Russia procedures such as manicure, solarium, massage, as well as visiting a beautician are very popular. These professions are in great demand in Russia, which indicates the popularity of such services. Yes, self-care provides Russian wives with maximum pleasure. Foreigners often prefer Russian ladies because they are always well-groomed, look lovely, and also become a cause of envy for other women. Who wouldn’t want to see a sleepy and very sweet Russian wife in the morning preparing breakfast for her beloved man.
  2. The second advantage is education. Almost all the girls of Russian nationality managed to preserve the Soviet mentality, namely, a careful attitude towards studies, self-development and education. Sometimes you can find girls who have 2-3 higher education degrees. This suggests that such a girl will be able to maintain an interesting conversation, give the right advice and help her loved one. Every man will agree that talking to a girl who always knows what to say in response is interesting. Being able to speak and understand each other perfectly can be a very valuable skill in a long-term relationship. With a Russian girl it will be much easier to understand each other.
  3. The third point is good manners. There are often cases when Russian girls grew up in a family with strict parents and it influenced their entire future life. Therefore, you can be sure that Russian wives will appreciate what American men will give them. This is care, attention or different gifts. It’s unlikely that they will advocate for feminism, like girls from America, because they expect to see in their man a defender who can be relied on, on the first place. Russian women are very gallant, polite and lovely ladies.
  4. Women from Russia are good housekeepers. Yes it’s true. Unlike women of other nationalities, many Russian wives love to cook and clean. They will never leave their man hungry and things not washed. This is a definite plus for the future family life, because who does not want to live in a constantly clean house and enjoy a delicious dinner? Everything is because of the fact that culinary shows are very common in Russia, which helps women to learn more about delicious dishes. With such girls, any man will feel comfort and he will want to return to his sweet home again and again.

As you can see, Russian women are quite different from American women. With such a girl, any American guy can feel like a real hero, because Slavic ladies are so fragile and cute!

Disadvantages of Russian Women

  1. A man should be ready to spend money on such girl. They love makeup, nice clothes, salon treatments and jewelry. That is why they are in the top 5 most beautiful women in the world. Yes, this is not always affordable, but you should not spare money for a Russian bride, since what a man receives in return – a sweet and beautiful lady — will compensate for all the money in the world!
  2. Russian girls can be proud, they are used to increased attention to themselves, especially from foreigners. They will not be happy when they receive little attention or carelessness to their needs. These girls can be compared to flowers – if you just shower them with compliments and treat them well, they will bloom right there!
  3. They love publicity. Sometimes Russian women are obsessed with social networks and try to spend their whole life there. They want to share their life with friends.

Why American Men Like Hot Russian Girls

Yes, Russian women are popular with foreigners, especially Americans. Men of other nationalities sometimes find girls from Russia even more attractive than women from Northern America and Western European women. Summing up, all the above advantages of Russian women, you can add a few more points so that every man remains confident in his choice.

Family-Values are Very Important for Them

It’s true. If American women are increasingly trying to achieve career growth, find a dream job, provide for themselves, and after 30 years find a man and associate their future life with him, then Russian women act differently. They value good men very much, they do not care how old they start a relationship, if they bring pleasure to both. Family and children are the greatest value in the life of Russian women. They believe that children are a gift from life and nothing can please a woman like the birth of a child.

Russian Women are Reasonably Quiet

This does not mean that you can behave as you like, because next to you is a sweet lady who requires only one thing — your tenderness. They will not cry and slam the door and shout something after that. In most cases Russian women want to resolve the conflict with peaceful words. They will not quarrel with a man to the last, proving their innocence.

Most likely, they will tactfully hint that they are not satisfied with their life together and will talk about the situations that hurt them. Remember that Russian women usually remember all situations and words you said, so they will expect you to correct mistakes. Otherwise, in this case Russian wife will not be able to become yours and will simply leave.

Why Does Russian Women Become a Mail Order Bride

DariaOf course, every girl decides for herself why she needs Russian Mail Order Wife services. But there are several general reasons why Russians are looking for these sites.

First, it saves a lot of time. A girl does not need to wait for a marriage proposal for years, everything is much easier here! And you don’t have to look for a groom, because a man chooses a girl himself. Typical international dating sites don’t guarantee international marriage.

Secondly, the appeal of men to such services indicates that he has money and is ready to spend money on his beloved woman. Russian women appreciate what men do for their sake, and such an attitude can win their hearts forever. Another reason why these beauties turn to real Mail Order Brides is the desire to be happy in another country, as well as to make the American man happy. This is a kind of adventure that Russian ladies want to plunge into. As stated above, marrying an American is much better than marrying your fellow countryman. And yet, every girl knows how her friends will envy her, because she will find a wonderful man who has managed to win her heart.

The next reason: Russian girls watch films, TV series or TV shows with famous American actors, listen to the music of their favorite American performers. For some reason, it always seemed to them that life in America is much better, and men value women more. In fact, it is! It is for all these reasons that lovely ladies from Russia choose Mail Order Brides and find a girl from Moscow, Saint Petersburg or another city.

5 Tips to Date With Hot Russian Women

  1. You have to be honest with each other, as well as with your feelings. ElenaThe couple is given 3 months before the wedding in order to understand if they are suitable for each other and to understand their views on the world. You should not marry if one person has decided that it will be difficult for both of them to succeed in living together, because no one can forcibly like a person. Don’t cheat on each other if you want a reliable relationship. Russian women will quickly lose confidence in a man if they feel a lie. And it is worth asking the question to yourself “Am I happy with this woman?”
  2. Don’t overdo it with jealousy. Yes, Russian girls like it when men are jealous of them, they like to feel their importance, but when the situation goes beyond, these women retreat. Do not harass the Russian woman to tears with your desire to protect her from the outside world in order to prevent betrayal. True relationships are built on mutual trust.
  3. Conflict should be avoided. It is the fact that the couple does not talk to each other about what worries them that leads to separation. It is worth saying no to misunderstandings. Be empathetic and respect the feelings of your lady.

How to Marry a Russian Woman

Mail Order Bride services are very effective at solving the problem, people do not need a lot of time. All that is needed for a marriage is to provide documents about past marriages, as well as about a criminal past. The documents must be translated into the girl’s language, and then she decides whether to agree to move to America. If so, the man submits a petition for a K-1 woman visa and completes the DS-160 visa application form. Then the woman is interviewed at the US Embassy.

To Sum Up

These were all the tips to consider when choosing a bride among Russian women. Summarizing all the information, we can say that these ladies are very nice, reliable and loyal. And they will also be with a man until the end of their days. Isn’t it wonderful? Now an American man knows a lot more about girls from Russia. Love and be loved!


Can you really order a Russian bride?

Sure, you can buy a bride from another country! There are many real-life success stories when a man from America and a girl from Russia entered into a happy marriage.

Do women speak English?

As mentioned above, Russian women for marriage are educated and literate, and learning English is very popular in this country. Some girls are bad at spoken English, but this can be fixed with a month of practice.

What if Russian woman wants to go shopping?

Russian girls are very fond of shopping, because their appearance is important to them. Do not refuse if the Russian wife wants a new dress and shoes. She will be pleased if a man makes a surprise and takes her for shopping.

How do Russian brides work?

In addition to household chores, in which Russians are very strong, they manage to go to work. Yes, these women understand that money is needed everywhere in our time, so they value their work.

What makes Russian girls so special?

Probably the fact that Western values ​​are close to them, but at the same time they are completely different from American women and any other people. They are unique. With these women you can feel like a real man!

When should I have sex with Russian girl?

Each girl has her own views on life. Someone wants to sleep earlier, and someone wants to postpone.