In this article, we will tell you about the peculiarities of Polish mail order brides. If 20 years ago it was considered normal here to get married at the age of 20-25, now the age has moved a little forward. Polish women get married at about 27-30 years old, after receiving an education and a good job. Which is pretty good for them and the state in principle. When deciding to marry, and even more so to have a child, a Polish bride does it consciously and with full responsibility. Find out what are the advantages of brides from Poland and how you can win the attention of girls.

Advantages of Beautiful Polish Women

Polish women have a typical Slavic appearance. The vast majority of them are blond and light-eyed. The face is oval, the facial features are correct, thin. Representatives of this nationality are quite attractive. They are slender and athletic. Most girls are short. They are cute long-haired blondes with adorable smiles. As in other European countries, they pay little attention to their appearance, do not wear much makeup, and are discreet in their clothes. But many Polish women are now fans of the famous body-positive movement. They don’t go to gyms, eat whatever they want, and dress as they please. Polish wives love to experiment with their nails, try new gel polishes, draw patterns, and paste rhinestones.
The Polish character is as fluid as the country’s fickle climate. Poles are good-natured, cheerful people, but sometimes stubborn and tight-fisted. They sometimes seem passive, then suddenly show determination to change.

Disadvantages of Poland Brides

This is what modern Polish girls love and single men in girls do not like it, so it is fiercely to defend their point of view. Feminism is gaining momentum here every year. It’s not just that Polish girls want equal rights and no discrimination in society. Many female students, as mentioned above, defend their rights to freestyle in dress and appearance. As in the countries of Western Europe, they want to wear whatever they like and not be afraid of condemnation and sidelong glances. Some even write scientific papers on this topic and speak with them at conferences. Poland ladies are not so strict about their figure, allow themselves to eat fast food and other harmful products, calmly drink beer in a bar, drive a car, get a job that was previously considered male, and most importantly, they maintain their budget and pay their bills.

Why American Men Like Hot Polish Girls?

For a long time, Poland has been famous for the charm of its women. What about modern polkas? The first thing that catches your eye is the posture: the majority of Polish girls have beautifully straightened shoulders, and even back. Polish girls and women have always amazed men with independence, self-confidence, and dedication, which is important for a future wife and mother of children.

Polish girlfriends

Free eastern beauties are ambitious, sometimes over the top. Poland woman have a good attitude towards you, they easily make contact and are direct in expressing emotions. Only pleasant things will be said to you. The gift you brought will be admired all evening. But at the same time, the Polish woman will not take any liberties with a stranger and will not put you in an unpleasant situation. Also, Polish girls love fun and entertainment. This is evidenced by the huge number of holidays, half of which are unofficial. For a holiday or a walk, they always dress up, put on jewelry. The people in Poland are sociable. People love to talk to each other, to tourists. The vast majority of young people know English.

Polish women for dating

Women who are looking for love are ready for a long-time relationship. You can find them quickly and easily on internet dating websites. Polish women are very self-confident: 81% consider themselves extremely attractive. The genes of golden-haired, laughing, playful grandmothers, who easily captivated kings and emperors, are affected.

Polish brides for marriage

In Polish culture, a good wife must take care of her husband. In turn, a good husband must earn money, thereby providing for the family and ensuring its safety. By the way, wives also have not only financial expectations from men. They love when gifts, flowers are bought for them, they give compliments. The modern mother is often compared to a superwoman who combines the duties of a mother with other roles (for example, the role of wife, employee).

Why Does Polish Woman Become a Mail Order Bride?

For them, family values are very important. Polish wives love children, especially babies, take them with them everywhere and pamper them so much that it’s amazing how well-bred most kids are. They do not understand the needs of the British in child-free zones. Even in the dullest residential areas, children are taken care of – there are areas inaccessible to cars, equipped with sandboxes, swings.

5 Tips to Date with Hot Polish Women

KseniiaIt’s harder to find the best online dating site.Sometimes a search for a long time does not bring the desired result. Why does this happen? What are men doing wrong? Is there any way to fix the situation? Of course, you can and find love! But for this, you need to know some of the tips and features of communication on dating sites.

  1. After registering on a dating site without scammers, the newbie’s profile will be at the top of the list, which will make it possible to receive the maximum number of messages. Unfortunately, in a couple of weeks, the top places will be occupied by profiles of other newcomers, so the flow of messages will noticeably decrease. But any user can independently search the site, find their favorite interlocutors, and initiate communication.
  2. Decide who interests you. Also, be interesting for the girls. Place your best photo on the page, write a little about yourself – what you love, what you don’t, what you are interested in, and where you live. And then feel free to go in search of girls’ pages.
  3. If you like a girl – feel free to write her a message. Try to be active and friendly from the beginning. The Internet is just a mirror of our reality, and here you need to be prepared for any turn.
  4. The topic of grammatical errors on the Internet has been debated for a long time, but a person who respects himself and others will simply not allow himself to write with errors. This is usually done by representatives of the younger generation (in other words, schoolgirls) or women who are not particularly bright with intelligence. Do you need these?
  5. Avoid bad topics of conversation and try not to conflict with girls during the chat. You must make a good impression on the girl while dating. Also, don’t forget about compliments.

How to Marry a Polish Woman?

AngelikaAfter you meet a girl on a Polish dating site, you will need to come to her to get to know her better and then discuss further plans. What should a couple in love do in Poland? Today’s trend is outdoor activities. In Poland, an excellent infrastructure has been created for this, many special offers for every taste. The most popular pastimes in Poland are skiing, mountaineering, and sailing – all of which can be done without leaving the country. There are active recreation centers, landscape parks, and reserves, cable cars, walking, and cycling paths, equestrian recreation, horse riding, golf, water, and extreme sports, and a variety of amusement parks – just countless. Why exactly travel? Because traveling brings people together and gives a lot to understand in each other.
In Poland, marriage with a foreigner is not surprising. At least since the beginning of the large emigration, which started immediately after Poland’s accession to the European Union and continues to this day. The documents required for marriage in Poland are described in special centers where you can find out all the information. When you have already decided on the date of the wedding, no later than 31 days before the ceremony, you must go to the registry office and provide all the necessary documents for verification by an official. If everything is in order with the documents, you will receive a certificate on the basis of which a civil or concordant marriage will be registered between you within the specified period (this is a type of marriage that is performed according to a religious ceremony and does not require additional official procedures). If you want to get married to foreign brides in a church, a certificate from the registry office must be provided to the priest.

To Sum Up

And in the end, very important information. Contrary to popular belief, marriage to a Polish woman or Pole does not mean that a foreigner automatically acquires Polish citizenship. Marriage also does not provide a residence permit or a right to work. In addition, spouses can be checked for a fictitious marriage in order to obtain a residence permit for a foreigner. Remember that if you do not speak Polish fluently, you must be accompanied by a sworn translator during your visit to the registry office. The presence of an interpreter may also be required during the wedding – future spouses are required to declare in which language the ceremony should take place.