Surely almost every American thought about dating with a girl from other country. In this way you can easily choose a girl in accordance with age, appearance and country. So, what about Kiev Girls? And are they really so beautiful and why Ukrainian mail order brides are so popular? From this article American men can learn a lot of new and interesting things about these ladies: how they live, what places they visit and how they treat Americans.

Is It Possible to Date with Kiev Woman?

Sure! Today, people around the world meet over the Internet, start communicating, and then their friendship develops into something more meaningful. Often now there are cases when people from different countries get married. This means that Americans have every chance to meet single Ukrainian girls from Kiev. Many Ukrainian women often dream of finding a spouse from America, moving to him and starting a family in the future.

Americans are very popular in Ukraine, many celebrities from this country have become idols since childhood. These are actors, singers and athletes. Many Kiev women believe that life in America is much better and easier, and American men are more charming and handsome. Therefore, they hope to find a match on online dating sites or in real life.

Best Places to Meet Girl in Kiev

Kyiv is a big and beautiful city. There are many establishments there. There are coffee shops, restaurants and cafes almost at every step. It is especially difficult to find a place for acquaintances for foreigners who have never been to the city and this is their first trip. There are some places where you may meet single women.

Bars and Night Clubs

Now we will talk about the most famous bars and nightclubs in which a foreigner will feel comfortable and where it will be very easy to get acquainted with a Kiev girl.

Bar “Talkies”

If a person wants to relax in a pleasant atmosphere and drink a glass of truly delicious alcohol or cocktail, the people strongly recommend going to this bar. Kiev Girl Sveta Brick walls, art deco style, lots of garlands, beautiful lighting and nice staff doing their job.

The bar is located on the street. Mezhigorskaya, 3/7. It is not uncommon for this place to gather groups of girls or Kiev ladies in the evening, wanting to have a drink and relax on a Saturday night. And this is a great opportunity to meet someone, buy a drink and make a girl happy. Therefore, you can safely visit such a bar if you want to get acquainted with a local beauty.

Bar “Склад” (Sklad)

This is a large two-storey establishment located on Bessarabska square, 2. At first, they wanted to make it a warehouse for alcohol, but they decided to make a bar. This is a place for fun, noisy parties. Sklad is a great bar to have a carefree Friday night and meet lovely ladies. Usually there are a lot of people in this place, which makes it possible for an American to make friends and a girlfriend. There are no cocktails here, just pure alcohol. Nice bartenders will be able to cheer you up and will advise you on the best drink for you if you are not particularly versed in alcohol.

Karaoke bar DUBAI

Every person will be pleasantly surprised when they enter this establishment. It has a very cute interior design, comfortable ottomans, tables and a lot of lamps that create an excellent atmosphere. The restaurant is located in the center of the city — in the Arena City. There are only vegetarian dishes that include the national cuisine of Libya.

The dishes themselves are very healthy, prepared according to Mediterranean recipes, and most importantly — incredibly tasty. This is what makes the majority of residents visit this restaurant. There is also an opportunity to smoke a hookah and take part in karaoke. In general, the atmosphere is very fun and pleasant, and even better is that you can meet a girl, to get to know each other, flirt and probably to start a relationship.

Forsage Night Club

Kyiv Girl TanyaPerhaps the most famous club in all of Kiev. It is located on the street. Garmatna 51A. It is very difficult not to notice it, as the building is very large and looks incredibly beautiful at night due to neon lights. It is decorated with various designs, such as vinyl records. Overall, the design is very eye-catching.

Various celebrities often sing there and you can have a good time. Forsage is full of both men and women at night. And, perhaps, the easiest way to meet a beautiful woman from Kiev is to go to this particular club. Here you can have a good drink and a delicious meal, as the menu is varied. The best DJs, modern music and good people are all you need for complete relaxation. You can safely go and get acquainted with the Forsage if a person likes funny girls who love to dance.

Caribbean Club

A retro-style nightclub like from old movies. The main object is the large stage, which hosts the best musical performances and shows. In such a place, you can not only drink, dance, but also laugh heartily. This club is popular not only among the locals, but also among foreigners.

The club is open 7 days a week and provide atmosphere of holiday. There are so many people in this place on weekends that the meeting resembles a real concert. This is true, because stars often come to the Caribbean Club and people have fun. Foreigners are very welcome here, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing the language: friendly staff and good people will always help an American. Kiev beauties are often found there, so going to such a club is a great way for those who are looking for a soul mate.

Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurant “PapaFeta”

Perhaps the most comfortable restaurant in the capital. This is a Mediterranean restaurant located at 56, Valeriya Lobanovskogo Avenue. It offers an incredibly beautiful view, because it is located on the 11th floor. There are large panoramic windows around the restaurant, there is also an opportunity to go out onto the terrace and admire the gorgeous view. Particularly healthy looking at night or when the sun goes down. This restaurant is often full of people, including Slavic women, who can be easily met.

You can pleasantly surprise a girl by ordering her one of their three signature dishes, because this restaurant is one of the top 10 restaurants with the most delicious food. In addition, the restaurant serves Greece homemade wine and spirits.


This is one of the most atmospheric restaurants in Kiev. The institution is located on the street. Rognidinska, 2. It has several halls, each with its own setting. You can choose any of them. For example, the “Library” or “Old Lviv” hall. TamaraOr you can choose a terrace for warm summer days. Each of these rooms is tastefully designed to immerse you in the ancient atmosphere. In a restaurant, every detail has its rightful place.

You can be sure that such a place will appeal to any American who wants to learn more about Ukraine. The restaurant’s menu matches the style: you will find only Ukrainian dishes in it. Many girls in Kiev visit such a restaurant, because they love such atmosphere. Feel free to choose the Pervak ​​restaurant to get acquainted with Ukrainian beauties!

Sweet-shop cafe “Honey”

A small, cozy cafe in a pleasant style and with interesting accents in the form of bee honey. The cafe is varied with all sorts of cakes, pastries and other sweets. This institution has one of the most delicious coffee in Kiev, according to the residents themselves. The confectionery also produces its own sweets and macaroons. In other words, this is a heaven for sweet lovers. The place itself is not very big, but there are always a lot of girls and women. Thus, Americans will be able not only to enjoy the taste of sweet and aromatic cappuccino, but also to get acquainted with a possible future wife.

3B Cafe

If you like to eat well, 3B is perfect for you. It may look like McDonald’s, but it differs in that the institution itself often hosts various parties.

You can order not only burgers, but also delicious steaks, snacks, salads, first courses, cider and other drinks. It’s very nice and calm inside. You can sit on soft sofas; you can listen to music and generally have a pleasant time. And, of course, this option does not exclude the possibility of meeting some girl. Therefore — remember this place.

Beach Clubs

SunGrilla Club

This is one of the most popular resort areas over there. Located on the street. Naberezhno -Khreshchatitska, 10. There is a large swimming pool, bungalows, a lot of sun loungers and a good view of the Dnipro river. Entrance to the area is restricted to people under 18 years of age.

Pool-parties with DJs and great music take place here all the time. You can also eat on the territory of the SunGrilla: there is a Loft-bar in which there are many dishes from European cuisine, hookahs and cocktails. In general, there is everything for a good rest. Thus, an American will be able to rest and get to know many Ukrainian beauties.

Olmeca Plage

Ukrainian women LiudmilaThe second place where you can have great fun and relax on the banks of the Dnieper is Olmeca Plage. Location — Dolobetsky island. There is a huge swimming pool on the territory, but the opportunity to swim is also provided in the Dnieper itself. There is also a bar, restaurant and hookah area.

Omeca often hosts various discos in the pool, and fans of outdoor activities are given the opportunity to go water skiing, jet ski or try surfing. Usually, the staff here are very friendly and nice to foreigners. You can come to this amazing place and meet beautiful Ukrainian brides!

SANDALI Truhanov Resort

In the center of the Ukrainian capital, on Trukhanov Island, you can have a great time at a large beach complex. There is anything you want here: a terrace, a restaurant, a hookah bar, a volleyball court and so on. It is possible to rent a bungalow house for large companies. Lots of people often have fun here, throw balloons into the water, turn on music and have fun. It is especially beautiful here in the evening when the sun goes down and the lights are on.

BoraBora by Skybar

Perhaps the most famous club near the banks of the Dnieper. It has a swimming pool, restaurant, terrace, bungalows and a large dance floor. Provided the possibility of parking cars. You can also order dishes of European and Japanese cuisine here. Different stars often come to this place and arrange day or night parties. Therefore, this is a good place for foreigners to meet a beauty from Kiev.

Art Galleries and Theatres

Kiev Art Gallery

This is the National Museum of Art in Kyiv. Located on the street. Tereschenkivskoy, 9. Here you can see collections of ancient Russians, Soviet art, as well as works of prominent figures from Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia and so on. And there is also the opportunity to look at the sculptures.

АртЮг (ArtYug)

Located on the street. Sichovykh Streltsov, d. 1-5. Here are collected works of honored workers of Ukraine and paintings of talented artists. If a person is interested in art, then you can always visit such institutions and find a girl with whom you will have similar tastes.

Kiev Theater of Russian Drama. Lesi Ukrainky

National theater on st. Bohdana Khmelnitskogo, 5. Various performances for every taste. If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity and learn more about Ukraine, you can safely go to this theater.

Do and Don’t While Dating Girl from Kiev

Kiev girls and women are eager to communicate with foreigners. Therefore, it is worth approaching them and getting to know them, because they are similar to American women in terms of mentality. You should not start your first acquaintances with personal conversations, as you can be rejected.

Gradually move to a higher level. If a person gets to know each other via the Internet, you can often make video calls, teach the girl English and invite for a first date. Kyiv girls will be pleased to receive small gifts from Americans. They appreciate beautiful bouquets of flowers, jewelry and other cute things. In this way, you can increase the chances of her becoming the girlfriend of an American man and moving in with him in the future.

More about Kiev Girls


American men may find cheap prices in Kiev, because salaries in Ukraine are much lower than in the United States. Therefore, it is cheat for foreigners to travel to the cities of this country.


The climate is predominantly continental. Foreigners from hot countries and south states may find the Ukrainian weather very cold, especially in fall and winter. But obviously, it’s easier to find a girl in Summer, so this is the best time to go In Kiev.


You can go shopping anywhere. There are a lot of shopping centers such as Gulliver, Ocean Plaza, Globus etc., among which there are many brand stores, just like in America. Also, there are many unique designer boutiques, which are very pleasant to wear.

Final words about Girls from Kiev

This was all the information about the beautiful capital of Ukraine. Now you can arm yourself with knowledge and boldly go to meet Slavic girls visiting public places of this country.