Rest in Odessa in summer attracts with its versatility, humor, and color. The Black Sea and wide beaches, numerous attractions, various entertainment and a large selection of comfortable accommodation – all this the hospitable city is ready to please tourists. Also, Odesa is famous for beautiful Ukrainian single women, with whom you can meet and start communication for a joint vacation. You can get acquainted with them in advance on the Internet or in the city.
Many people dream of going to rest in Odessa, but, as a rule, there are many reasons and barriers not to do this. Stop looking for excuses, pack your bags, and go on vacation on the Black Sea coast. We are happy to help by telling you about the basic rules of summer vacation and how to meet the Odessa beauties.

Is it Possible to Date with Odessa Woman?

Of course. If you are an inveterate bachelor, but your heart longs for love and romance, you will want to meet a girl. Nowadays, various applications and online dating sites are popular where you can find mail order brides. But there are people for whom online dating is not acceptable. Therefore, we have collected the top places where you can meet and flirt with a girl in Odessa.

Best Places to Meet Girls in Odessa

To see and feel all this one day is not enough. Therefore, we recommend to rent an apartment in Odessa for the long term and stay in the city for longer. The unsurpassed port of Odessa, which is the main historical monument of the city, the legendary Potemkin Stairs, Primorsky Boulevard with its versatility and the world-famous Deribasovskaya are just a small part of the famous and popular places among tourists. Also, the Odessa Opera House and the Transfiguration Cathedral are real architectural masterpieces.
You will not be bored in Odessa. There is a lot of entertainment for every taste and budget. With a variety of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and bars, you can have a tasty and fun time. Fine food and drinks, live music, and stylized interiors will give you a great feast of taste. Young girls from Odessa will love the numerous nightclubs in Arcadia and discos with amazing entertainment programs. These establishments are known far beyond the borders of Odessa, they have been successfully operating for decades and rightfully earned the status of a cult. Fans of drive and active recreation will be pleased with a variety of water activities, including a huge water park.

Bars and Nightclubs

Is it possible to fall asleep upon arriving in a city where real life begins to rage with the onset of the night? A connoisseur of classical canons and more temperamental relaxation will be able to plunge into this world of fun and charming charm. Let’s take a short look at the most popular places of leisure. Sophia

  1. Morgan club. Deservedly enjoys the reputation of the most iconic institution in South Palmyra. Constant live music, many guests, the best discos with the participation of popular European and domestic DJs fill the club every night. Do not forget about such pleasant nuances as a huge assortment of cocktails and delicious cuisine. During peak hours from 20:00 to 8:00, access is open only to club cardholders. But do not be upset – you can issue it without restrictions at the administrator and go dancing with Slavic women.
  2.  Praetoria. There is no more ideal place to spend time on the accompaniment of favorite tunes for disco fans of the 80s and 90s. Everything here is designed to create an enchanting atmosphere of the time. Special themed dance parties are made up of hits that evoke nostalgia with a simultaneous desire to engage in a fast-paced dance. The process of creating cocktails on a counter stretched across the entire room is a fascinating show.
  3. Ibiza. From May to the end of September, the beach club, located by the sea, remains the center of attraction for tourists. To dance to the quiet rustle of the waves with the lights reflected in them of one of the best concert venues in the city is a memory for a long time. If you wish, you can relax in the cozy lounge area next to the pools. In Ibiza, pop stars perform regularly.

Restaurants and Cafes

NatalyOdessa is a unique, picturesque city of Ukraine, which is famous not only for its sandy strips but also for its excellent cuisine. It’s no secret that culinary traditions were formed under the influence of many peoples who have ever lived in the Black Sea pearl. In Odessa, many interesting restaurants and cafes will appeal to vacationers. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most popular establishments in the city, which are worth visiting and where you can have a tasty and inexpensive meal.

  1. A fish. As the name implies, this cozy restaurant in Odessa specializes in the preparation of European cuisine based on fish and seafood. There is the main hall and a banquet hall. During the summer months, guests of the restaurant can dine on the terrace. Address: st. Fontanskaya road, 155/4
  2. Compote. The chain of inexpensive cafes in Odessa, Kompot, will delight guests with a traditional Ukrainian atmosphere and delicious folk dishes. Because the prices in this colorful restaurant in Odessa are quite democratic, therefore, its popularity is high, you should book a table in advance. Kompot is the best cafe in Odessa, where you can eat tasty and inexpensive food. Address: st. Deribasovskaya, 20; st. Panteleimonovskaya, 70
  3. Bernardazzi. It is considered the best restaurant in Odessa. It is noteworthy that this popular establishment works not only during the day but also at night (until the last client). The place where this cozy cafe is located is also impressive – in the same courtyard as the Odessa Philharmonic. In the restaurant, you can eat dishes for every taste, including vegetarian delicacies with the addition of beans and aromatic spices. The restaurant is famous for the most extensive wine list in all of Odessa. For the first date, this place might be good. Address: st. Bunina, 15


The famous city near the Black Sea is famous for its sandy beaches with a total length of several tens of kilometers. Comfortable sea rest and good service beckon tourists to Odessa. Luzanovka, Chaika, Arcadia, Lanzheron, Otrada – this is only a small part of the popular Odessa beaches. All of them are furnished and equipped with everything necessary for the most comfortable stay. There are paid and free beaches in Odessa. The latter is somewhat inferior in terms of service level, but are still a very great place for a pleasant pastime and meeting beauties. There are many different bars and clubs on these beaches where single girls in Odessa crave new acquaintances.
Fans of entertainment and parties should visit Arcadia, who wants to see the local beauty almost from a bird’s eye view – Otrada because there is a cable car. And absolutely everyone should go to Lanzheron – the oldest beach in Odessa, named after its former mayor. On the beach, there is the famous Nemo Dolphinarium, and nearby is Shevchenko Park, from where a picturesque view of the coast opens.

Art Galleries and Theaters

SoniaSince Odessa has always been famous for its rich cultural heritage, you can choose any museum or gallery to enjoy the art and make new acquaintances there. Be sure to arrive in Odessa, visit the Opera House, the beauty of which amazes everyone. You can see the repertoire of performances and ballet on the main website of the theater.
We recommend that you visit the Museum of Eastern and Western Art, the Odessa Art Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. There you can enjoy wonderful works of art, as well as meet Odessa women.
There are many street musicians near the Opera House. This is also a kind of romantic setting for acquaintance. Near the street musicians, you will notice an enthusiastic girl who enjoys creativity and sound. To successfully meet single Ukrainian girls from Odessa you can stand next to her, pretend that you also really like this musician or song. It’s pretty easy to strike up conversation and acquaintance on such a topic. After that, you can invite the girl to go for a glass of coffee or mulled wine, or show other points of street musicians that you are looking for in advance (and there are many of them in the city center area).

Quick Dates in Odessa

The essence of this event is as follows – 10-15 pairs of men and women sit opposite each other to get to know each other. They are given 7 minutes to communicate. After that, the pairs change. So in one evening, you can meet 15 new people. We are sure that among them you will find an interlocutor to your liking. Couples are divided by age category. A ticket for this event is paid – from 300 UAH and more. In Odessa, quick dates are held in the Utyosov restaurant, on 2A Jewish Street.

Dos and Don’ts While Dating Girl from Odessa

To be successful in dating, it is enough to follow just two simple rules: a woman should allow a man to conduct a conversation, and a man should not associate a girl with a mother. The main mistakes when dating. We try to be what we are not. In pursuit of a good experience, we don’t always keep our sincerity. This following the standard in our head only gets in the way. You don’t have to hide behind the mask of the perfect person to meet or talk to a girl.

More about Odessa

Odessa is a perky city with magnificent architecture and sympathetic people. Many tourists come here not only because of entertainment or attractions but precisely because of the specific Odessa flavor, the special spirit, and people’s disposition. Also, Odessa Ladies can interest you.

Cost of Living

Housing rental – for every taste and financial capabilities for everyone. A huge selection and a large number of proposals for daily rental housing in Odessa will allow you to choose the option that best suits your tastes. Numerous recreation centers, hotels and comfortable hotels, health resorts and modern hostels are glad to welcome the guests of the city. Housing in the private sector, as well as apartment rental, is in great demand. After all, this is a great and inexpensive opportunity to rent an apartment. Prices for accommodation in hostels start from 90 UAH, in hotel rooms from 300 UAH for two people, and private housing rent starts from 400 UAH per day.


Odessa breathes sun and breeze and greets everyone with a unique warmth. The climate is moderately continental. Summers are often sultry, hot, and winters mild. Spring is often long and also warm, and autumn is long, gradually passing from the velvet season to the golden one. Odessa is located in an area that is considered extremely favorable for recreation, be it a hotel in Odessa. Where salty sea winds intertwine with steppe scent.


Shopping also bright and unforgettable. Tourists are recommended to visit one of the Odessa markets at least once. After all, it is here that you can feel the very famous flavor. Are you interested in branded stores in Odessa with outfits from world-famous fashion houses, or do you want to bring an educational toy as a gift for your baby? In any case, you will find what you want in the city’s large shopping centers.

Final Words

Odessa itself is a Ukrainian landmark. No wonder she received the title of pearl by the sea and the southern capital of Ukraine. The intertwining of many national cultures, fascinating history, unique original humor, and historical sites fascinate travelers. As you can see, it is not difficult to organize a seaside vacation in Odessa inexpensively and at the same time exciting. Enjoy a new acquaintance with Ukrainian girls and come again!